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Forbes Riley SpinGym Upper Body Shaper with Workout DVD

This portable fitness device helps you strengthen and tone your upper body anytime, anywhere! 

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Product Description

SpinGym Sexy arms, toned absForbes Riley SpinGym Upper Body Shaper with Workout DVD It’s time to shape up! This portable fitness device helps you strengthen and tone your upper body anytime, anywhere! Define and tighten your arms, sculpt sexy shoulders and strengthen the muscles in your chest, back and more. Plus, use the workout DVD to add cardio and abdominal exercises to your routine. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the SpinGym easily fits in a bag or briefcase so you can work out on the go.

What You Get

  • SpinGym
  • SpinGym Basics & More workout DVD
  • Replacement strength cord
  • Instructional Manual & Training Guide: Putting a New Spin on Fitness
  • Bonus: Black Neoprene Carry Bag
  • “Fit with Forbes” membership card (Value $120.00)

Good to Know

Diet and exercise required. Individual results will vary. Replace worn-out strength cords as needed with manufacturer’s replacement cords only. Do not use if fraying has occurred.

How It Works

For the upper body, SpinGym® is a dynamic system for toning, strengthening and sculpting your arms, chest, back and shoulders.  To give you the definition on the top and eliminate the sagging on the bottom.
Unlike traditional training with dumbbells and machine weights which isolate and target only one set of muscles at a time -SpinGym® utilizes Gyrotronic Resistance Training (GRT).  GRT uses integrated muscle engagement, simultaneously activating major, stabilizing and core muscles – all at the SAME time.
Bottom line – you get fast results in less time!
With up to 20 lbs of resistance with each pull, you’ll feel the SpinGym® effect instantly and you only need 5 minutes a day to see a noticeable improvement.
The SpinGym® Effect – you’ll look and feel more confident in clothes that reveal your arms, chest and back!
SpinGym - As Seen On TV

Celebrities Using the SpinGymNOTE:  Very limited quantities of certain colors.  Don’t wait… order yours now! Caution: Consult your physician before beginning this or any weight loss or exercise program.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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  1. :

    Once I really paid attention to the video and the presentations, my Spin Gym is the easiest and most effective part of getting my arms in shape. I am in a long journey to lose at least a 100 pounds and have seen the arms of those who have lost a lot but didn’t work on their arms….sagging arms! Being a large woman exercising is hard but I faithfully do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening and my arms are tightening up! Plus my back, love handles, waist and my thighs! I do the leg exercises with it! Don’t give up, keep trying because it does work. =)

  2. :

    It really is amazing. I keep one in my car and one in the kitchen. While I’m waiting for traffic or for food to cook I’m using it. Love it!!!

  3. :

    Amazing burn!!!!

    I was skeptical at first and thought of course it wouldn’t work but BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I lift free weights at least 3 times per week and I have to lift at least 10 minutes to feel that kind of burn. With the spingym the burning continues even after only 5 minutes of use. Be skeptical but try it for yourself. Don’t take others word for it. Try it and feel the burn for yourself!

  4. :

    I’m a nurse in a busy dr.’s office but I have a desk job which is mostly sedentary. I’ve been using the Spin Gym for about 6mo.s. at my desk & @ home too. In addition to that I do water aerobics at least twice weekly & have changed my eating patterns 100%. To date I’ve lost 28lbs. & have about 35 more to go. The Spin Gym really got me motivated to do this. Thank you! Proof is when you burn through your 1st set of strings! :~))

  5. :

    I was a bit skeptical when a friend showed me the SpinGym she bought from your site. I couldn’t imagine that small weight on a string could help anyone get in shape. So, after mastering the “spin” I sat at her kitchen table and did a few minutes of exercises. The next morning, I could feel the tightening in the muscles I had worked. SO, I bought my own! I love being able to carry it to work with me, I use it during a commercial break while watching tv or traveling and taking 5 minutes at a time for myself I am loving the feeling I have in my arms and shoulders. This is one piece of equipment that I will continue to use forever!

  6. :

    Eyes wide open to a great product

    This is the only product I have seen underestimated on its presentation. The DVD alone is worth the cost of the SpinGym and it opened my eyes to what it is really doing for my muscles and tone. Even when its not spinning it is the resistance needed for a good stretch. Thank you Forbes for a year’s worth of terrific gym workouts for under 50 cents a week!!!

  7. :

    Great Toy

    I ordered one and someone decided they liked it better than me and walked away with it. This is light, portable and fun to do. One of my coworkers, military trained, saw mine and took it home for a week, said she could feel the burn. This is well worth the money and you will see results.

  8. :

    I really like this SpinGym

    I just got this SpinGym a couple of days ago. It is fun. I have been walking around with it. I haven’t watched the video yet. I also had twins and gained 61 pounds while pregnant. That was 18 years ago and I have since lost the weight. However, I am not as tone as I would like to be. I think Forbes Riley is gorgeous and I want to look like that. But she probably has a personal trainer. I think I will have good results because I feel this product working. It’s fun and I am exercising so hopefully I will have great results.

  9. :

    Simple yet effective

    Review Date: 10/13/2013

    I had to watch the DVD to learn how to properly wind up the spinner but like she says, it’s like learning how to ride a bike. Once you get it, you get it. It’s something you can pick up and use quickly to work out your arm & back muscles multiple times in the day. It’s fun to see how long I can go before my muscles get tired. I’m already seeing results on my arms after using for only 1 week.

  10. :

    SpinGym is incredible! It has removed any excuse I have ever come up with to not get to the gym. I now carry my gym (SpinGym) with me wherever I go. I break a sweat within 5 minutes, and using it daily, I’m noticing I’m toning up and clothes are getting baggy. Good things! Showed it to a few personal trainer friends of mine, and they were impressed by how powerful a workout this little device gives and how many muscle groups can be worked with it, particularly arms, back, core and abs.

  11. :

    SpinGym is a magnificently simple device that is perfect for many like me. I was a bodybuilder until a bad accident tore tendons in my back and herniated a disc. I’ve been unable to work out for years. With the SpinGym, I can finally get an exercise for my upper body and get those muscles working again. This little device is worth far more than the price when you figure in the exercise, but also for the increase in self worth and confidence. Brilliant!

  12. :

    The SpinGym is one of the best fitness products I’ve ever tried. It eliminates all excuses for not working out: it’s small, so you can always have it with you; it’s efficient, so you can get in shape with five-minute workouts; and maybe best of all, it’s fun, so you’ll want to do it!

  13. :

    Not only does the SpinGym work great for upper body sculpting but Forbes is very Energetic in promoting a product she believes in. Try it, Love it and benefit from it!

  14. :

    Absolutely Love my Spin Gym, portable, effective, and Fun..A Complete workout and Fat Burning Machine in the Palm of your Hand..and I know, I dropped 17 pounds in 3 weeks! Thank You Spin Gym!

  15. :

    SpinGym is awesome! Portable and affordable!! You can take it anywhere and there is no excuse ever again for getting a great workout!!

  16. :

    SpinGym is my go-to gym! It’s portable and affordable! I’ve seen male body builders tire from using the SpinGym, so I know I must me on the right track. Oh yeah, I’m down 8 lbs. in only 3 weeks of using the SpinGym…so it definitely gets my vote!

  17. :

    Spin Gym is a TOOL that I enthusiastically recommend to all of my clients, especially those who travel. Elegantly Simple, Fun and Effective. The perfect compliment to any health and well-being program.

  18. :

    The SpinGym is GREAT! It is portable, easy to use, and the DVDs are easy for anyone to follow! This is a MUST HAVE gift, and an easy way to prepare for New Years Resolutions!

  19. :

    It’s amazing how many things the SpinGym can do. I’m not a big fan of the gym, and now I can carry the gym around with me. In four weeks of using the SpinGym, I’ve lost inches and pounds. This incredible device is toning muscles I didn’t even know I had and there is always a smile on my face while I’m working out because it’s fun too!

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